Keeping you connected 

and bringing some

spontaneity to your day


A small footprint

LINX has a minimal design with versatile materials 


LINX design blends seamlessly into your home. You can choose to hang it on a wall or place it over a flat surface.  Endless options!

 LINX  sensor detects motion at a distance up to 15ft.

When your LINX is on,  its motion sensor will match you with someone in your network who is also in range at the time.

Your microphone will be automatically turned on to enable a conversation. If no response after 8sec it will be turned off.

Motion Sensor

Audio exclusive

LINX has a powerful microphone with a reach of 18ft.

We tend to feel apprehensive to show our outfits or background,  when we're out home. LINX made sure to enable spontaneous interactions in a comfortable environment. That's why it focuses on audio only interactions.

Full control 

Pair your device with your app/web profile using only your WiFi network

You choose when to be available to bump into people in your network. You can set up a weekly schedule for the LINX to automatically be turned on or off by using the LINX app or you can do it using the buttons on the device.


App Integrations

Setting up a smart home device made fun and easy, our app takes you on a user friendly and intuitive onboarding experience to help connect you to your LINX.

Coming soon to the Apple and Google Play Store

LINX mockup.png

What can you do with the LINX app?

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Set Schedule

Set up a schedule for when you'd like to bump into people spontaneously. Or when you don't want to.

Asset 6.png

Wireless Control

Turn your device on or off from anywhere, anytime. You'll take full control.

Asset 5.png

Add Friends

Add friends through your LINX or social media accounts.

A day with LINX

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Asset 10.png
Asset 9.png
Asset 8.png

9:00 AM

LINX automatically turns on based on the the schedule you set.

11:20 AM

You take a break to the kitchen and when walking by your LINX, it notifies you that someone is passing by as well. You see their name displayed and start the connection to make conversation.

4:30 PM

You take a coffee break and LINX notifies you and displays the name of your friend passing by. Although you have work to get back to, you quickly establish the connection and say hi.

7:00 PM

LINX automatically turns off based on the the schedule you set. Motion sensor is off


Product Aspirations

“I absolutely love my LINX. It keeps me close to coworkers who belong to different departments. My regular "water cooler" conversations are back!!  ”

Bump into your friends, family & coworkers like you'd normally do

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